Can I post duplicate content on LinkedIn and Facebook?
In short, Circleboom does not recommend its users to post duplicate content on LinkedIn or Facebook. Such actions may end up with removing Circleboom's access token to your account and even the suspension of your social account.

Duplicate Content on Facebook

If you post the same content simultaneously for different Facebook accounts, those posts can be perceived as spam or bot activity by Facebook, and your account might be punished.
While we recommend you to make at least slight changes on your posts for different FB accounts, even if you want to share the same posts, please make sure to post them at different times. Through the scheduling features of Circleboom Publish, you can post them by leaving some time between your duplicate posts.

Duplicate Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has strict policies on duplicate content, and they do not support the use of personal profiles for advertising purposes. Posting the same content for different LinkedIn accounts may lead to the suspension of your account, either temporarily or permanently if you keep sharing duplicate posts.
Last modified 4mo ago
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