Text and Media Limitations on Circleboom Publish
Circleboom's Scheduling module is available to everyone, including freemium users. You can conveniently schedule your posts on different social to a later date via Circleboom Publish.
While Circleboom Publish supports text, video, image and GIF-based posts, all social platforms mandate their own requirements. To make life easier for Circleboomers, we bring together an easy-to-understand table.
Aside from the below-listed limits, each social media platform may have stricter technical requirements than Circleboom Publish. In such cases, you need to adjust your posts according to the platform-specific limits.
For more detailed information on each platform's rules and limitations, you can refer to Media Limitations for Social Platforms.
Circleboom Limits
Text Limits
Limits based on Platforms
Image Size
15 MB
# of Images
Up to 10 photos (or 1 video or 1 GIF).
(Twitter only allows up to 4 photos)
Min Image Width
320 px
Video Size
100 MB
# of Video
1 Video
Video Format
MP4, MOV (MOV is not allowed for IG)
Video Aspect Ratio
Depends on the platform. Otherwise between 4/5 to 16/9
Video FPS
23-60 fps
GIF Size
10 MB
Twitter has taken additional action to keep Twitter free from spam. Specifically, they have introduced new rules around automation and the use of multiple accounts.
In short, Spam has been an issue on Twitter for a long time, and you might recognize this common type of spam:
"A single account posting identical (or almost identical) tweets." The Twitter Rules prohibit posting duplicative or substantially similar content — both on one account and across multiple accounts. Twitter might suspend your account if you fail to comply.
With the new Twitter rules (https://blog.twitter.com/developer/en_us/topics/tips/2018/automation-and-the-use-of-multiple-accounts.html), it’ll be best to avoid tweeting the same content. We would recommend modifying the text or multimedia whenever you want to re-use your top content
Pro Tip: You can refer to Twitter's "Media Best Practices" article to improve your Media Tweet success rates.
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