Adding a Google Business Account
Google My Business posts are new means for those who aimed at increasing web traffic and leads, and even sales for your clients.
Using the scheduling services at Circleboom Publish, you can keep your Google Business account updated along with other social accounts of your business.

How to Connect Your Google Business Account

Step 1: Log in to Circleboom and click on Google My Businesson the landing page.
Step 2: A pop-up will appear to direct you to Google Business in order to give permission to Circleboom and connect your account. There you need to click on "Sign in with Google", which will direct you to Google's authorization page.
Step 3: Log in to your Google account associated with your Google Business account, and click on the last box to give authorization to "See, edit, create and delete your Google business listings".
The last box shown above comes unselected, and you will need to click on it before continuing.
Step 4: After confirming your permission, which allows Circleboom to "see, edit, create and delete Google business listings", you can click on Continue.
Once you complete the authorization process on Google's side, your account will be automatically added to Circleboom Publish.
Last modified 4mo ago
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