Using 3rd-party Tools like Circleboom for Social Media Accounts

You can use all features and tools of Circleboom with confidence.

We always strive to protect users' accounts from suspending and warn our users for aggressive following behavior. We do not share your data with anyone else nor perform actions without your consent. All Circleboom features and tools are developed to be in compliance with the rules of each platform.
Circleboom never posts on behalf of the user unless requested, scheduled or automated by the user.
Pro Tip: If someone posted a Tweet using your account you can get details about which application posted that Tweet easily since every Tweet keeps “who posted me” information within the Tweet metadata. (ie; on The Tweet Page)
You may see some promotional posts mentioning @circleboom on your social media platforms. These posts are sent intentionally by the user.
Circleboom also protects users from the suspension of accounts.
To know more about our stance on community rules, you can refer to our blog post concerning Twitter policies:​ "What do we care about and how do we work?"
Last modified 5mo ago
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